Because your loved ones are worth it.

Most people spend more time planning vacations, scrolling Instagram, or watching TV than they ever spend on an estate plan. Although deciding who will receive your property is less glamorous than a potential trip to the Virgin Islands or a weekend Netflix binge, it should not be neglected. Not convinced? Consider the following:

Without a Will in place, you risk giving your hard earned money and property to the wrong people when you pass. Moreover, attending to your affairs after your mortal journey ends could result in a time consuming and costly probate process for your loved ones. Finally, an estate plan is imperative for those with minor children as it allows for appointment of a trusted guardian if the need arises.

At Blackburn & Ording, we know you have a mission to ensure the stability and happiness of those you love most. Consider creating an estate plan as part of that mission and let us assist. We have been helping residents of Pender, Onslow, and New Hanover County plan for the future Since 1982. Give us a call. Your family is worth it.